Analytical Software for Mass Spectrometry
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What exactly is MassAI all about ?
MassAI (pronounced "mass A.I.")  is a software tool for identifying 
proteins / peptides / PTMs from MS/MS datasets.

The program is developed and maintained by Dr. scient. Morten Rasmussen.

Thanks to the sponsorship of SSI and SDU, MassAI is
- that is free as in "free lunch":

You can download the software, install it to your computer(s), and use it at no cost.

If you wish to share MassAI with your students or colleagues, please direct them to this website and
have them download the software themselves, as updates are released frequently.

Operating system: PC with Windows XP / Vista / Win7/ Win8 / Win10

Memory: A minimum of 4GB memory is recommended. The MassAI package comes with two versions of the program: 64 and 32 bit.
Today, most modern computers are 64bit, while older computers may run 32 bit.

Disk space: 300 MB

Network access: Once downloaded, you do not need internet / network / server access in order to install or use MassAI. The only exception is the built-in web browser - which needs an internet connection. This is an optional feature.


Run MassAI by downloading and unpacking the zip file to any destination on your hard-drive.

You can also run MassAI directly from a USB memory stick. This is useful if you work on different computers, and you can keep your mgf files with you on that same drive.


To uninstall MassAI, simply delete the appropriate folder.
The developer, in the good company of the Protein research group at SDU


Not two users have the same requirements.

MassAI is a dynamic platform that can be expanded with plug-in modules to match YOUR specific analytical needs.

Unlike the core MassAI package, custom built expansions are never released to the public. They are yours to keep.
Plug-ins are built to your specifications and are delivered directly to your company on a USB stick.
Plug-ins are automatically detected and activated in MassAI, without any further installation required.

If your company has special needs, or requires one-on-one tutoring, get in touch, and we'll work something out.